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How To Restore, Maximize and Minimize The Windows Using Keyboard On MAC

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20 Cool Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

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How To Restore, Maximize and Minimize The Windows Using Keyboard On MAC

However, there are cases where you want to keep your hands on the keyboard and stop reaching for the mouse or trackpad, and learning to use keyboard shortcuts is a fast way to improve your macOS productivity. Today I'm going to look at one variety of keyboard shortcut -- those that help manage Mac windows.

This is a shortcut that has been around since the first Macs in It's a very common shortcut to use, but not a lot of new Mac users seem to know about it. So what do you do?

24 keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know

It closes the window immediately. I use this shortcut all the time to close multiple windows in Preview when I'm cropping photos.

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Instead of clicking the close button on every one of the windows that are open in that app, this shortcut closes them all at once. Want to get a window out of the way, but you don't want to close it?

Minimizing a window shrinks it down to a thumbnail image in the right side of the Dock. To bring that minimized window back to full size, just click on the thumbnail in the Dock. Normally, you'd use the little yellow "minimize" button in the top left of any window to minimize the window, but Command and M gets those windows out of the way without reaching for the mouse or trackpad.

This is one of my favorite keyboard shortcuts because I like to double-click on emails in the Mail app to open them in their own windows, which ends up cluttering my Mac screen with individual emails. If you're a Mac power user, it's not hard to have a dozen or more apps up and running at the same time. With multiple windows open for each app, things can get cluttered quickly!

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