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I have two suggestions. The first being, download ibooks on your iphone ipad or ipod touch. Transfer the pdf files to the device. Reading the pdf works great with the iphone. Another sollution is to download aby fine reader or docuscan plus. Isaac, is this an app that you have actually used and know to work well with VoiceOver, or is it simply a random app that you have found via Google? Isaac, I'm also curious whether that app is accessible.

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PDF reading is one of the weaknesses on the Mac. I haven't found anything ideal. I mainly use Preview for text-based PDFs.

I've heard a little about Adobe Digital Editions. Does anyone know what, if any, benefits this has over Preview? Hi guys and thanks for your suggestions! I talked to John at macfortheblind. I guess I will go ahead and download it and see if it works, but at the moment I just went with Chriss88s first suggestion and downloaded iBooks to my iPhone.

Seems to be working fine, even though you don't have the option to flick right or left between sentences or paragrafs in the text.

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So you would either have to place the VO focus on the first sentence and do a two-finger-swipe down to get it to read the whole page, or you would have to move your finger in very tiny incroments downwards to hear the next sentence, wich can be pretty challenging. By the way, does anyone know if it's free or paid?

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You can choose to have it displayed as an icon instead of the file preview. We mostly send useful tips, but you can always find the unsubscribe option at the bottom of every email. As we said above, we encountered issues with Photoshop CS5 as soon as we installed Mojave. Contact us at appservice kdanmobile. Freeware PDF reader, tagger, editor simple editions and converter free for non commercial uses. There were also problems with Dark Mode that will hopefully have been ironed out in time for Catalina. Want Preview-style markup features that work everywhere?

Last I checked skim was free and it's very easy to use. So at this part I will list 2 pdf editors for mac online so that you can also get a trial.

Just drop PDF, then edit add text, image, shape, or draw , and then click "Apply" and download your edited pdf. No installation or registration necessary. In this situation you should remove password protection from PDF.

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