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Clicking the Waveform Zoom button enables this mode, and clicking and holding brings up a slider to adjust the display amplitude. This means that if you want to select a certain piece of audio, such as a drum hit, you can now make a rough selection and use key commands to move the start or end points of the selection to the nearest transient. Quick Swipe provides a graphically intuitive way of comping multiple takes of a region.

Notice the Take Folder menu in the upper right corner that allows you to choose between takes and comps, in addition to performing other operations to help you build the perfect take. The biggest new development in terms of editing audio in the Arrange area is the new comping feature, which Apple refer to as Quick Swipe. When you record multiple takes over the same range of your project using Cycle Record, Logic will now build a Take Folder that contains all of the takes you recorded within one region.

The Take Folder region will be displayed with a small down—arrow—in—a—circle icon in the top right, and clicking this icon presents the Take Folder menu, where you choose which take that region will play back. You can click on different takes to select one as the master take, but the cool thing is that you can also click and drag out a region of an unused take to use this part of the take in the master. However, you can unpack a Take Folder onto separate Tracks if you wish, and, as with GarageBand, if you chop up a Take Folder region, you can still access the Take Folder menu for each of those regions and select different takes or even create comps.

So in a way you end up with the best of both worlds. One area of Logic 7 where the application was really beginning to show its age was the mixer.

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Fortunately, Logic 8 addresses many of these issues with significant improvements to the mixer, including the ability to use buses as inputs to audio tracks and Auxiliary channels. Audio tracks can now be true surround tracks, rather than just being mono or stereo signals routed to a surround output, and you can actually record onto an audio track with a surround input as well.

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This actually makes a good deal more sense, since your first thought when adding a plug—in is going to be what plug—in you want to add, not worrying about the output configuration. Once you find the plug—in you want to add in the pop—up menu hierarchy, a sub—menu appears for each plug—in, offering the available output configurations, although you can release the mouse on the previous menu level with just the name of the plug—in highlighted and have Logic choose the most suitable configuration for you, if more than one is available.

Logic now offers support for surround plug-ins and includes many useful surround effects and analysis tools. However, as you can see from the Preferences window, the mixer still only supports a single surround output. Although there are many true—surround plug—ins supplied with Logic 8, such as the new Delay Designer of which more next month , an updated Space Designer reverb with support for surround impulses, Surround Compressor, Multimeter, Level Meter and Multichannel Gain, other plug—ins can be used in surround via a new multi—mono configuration.

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This is really helpful when you need to create a quick CD or DVD—A containing only your current mix, and saves the hassle of dealing with additional software, which makes life significantly easier for making a DVD—A with a surround mix. Actually, that latter change is really welcome. Running the same test with Logic 8 on the same four—core 3GHz Mac Pro gave a small improvement, but showed approximately the same amount of processor usage.

This time I ran instances with percent Logic usage and 56 percent User. Although the CPU performance shows Logic taking advantage of all the cores, there are clearly some issues that need to be addressed.


logic pro 8 serial number logic pro. 9 %. MAC This worked a treat man. heres my old serials for those who need it. Date, OS, Name, Version, Rating. 7 years ago, MAC. Logic pro. 9, %. 8 years ago, MAC. logic pro. 9, %. 10 years ago, MAC. Flying Logic Pro.

For existing users, this translates into a much quicker workflow, and once you realise that, despite the initial cosmetic differences, Logic 8 is still largely the same Logic underneath, working in the new version becomes completely intuitive. Logic already had great music creation features, of course, and arguably it was important for it to catch up a little on the audio side, especially in terms of surround and sample—accurate editing in the Arrange area. It will be interesting to see if Apple turn their focus back towards music creation features in the next version, as, for example, Cakewalk seem to be doing with Sonar 7.

I mentioned the continuing inability to take full advantage of more than two processing cores, but it would also have been nice to finally have true millisecond delays for MIDI objects, rather than a tick setting displayed in milliseconds that changes according to the tempo of the song. While Apple did provide a new editor and changed the way EXS24 addresses memory, no major functionality was added to the actual sampler. Ultimately, though, Logic Pro 8 is a great release.

The new user interface makes Logic more enjoyable and quicker to use than most existing users would have thought possible, and when its improvements are combined with the dramatic new pricing and the lack of copy protection, Logic Pro 8 and Logic Studio set a new standard to beat. I chose a song for the test that many people will know and love — the classic Logic 6 demo song — and bounced down a stereo version 24—bit, After inverting the phase on one of the mixes, I played it against the other to see if it would cancel out.

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Curiously, the very beginning of the song did indeed cancel, but as more tracks came in, it was clear that the two versions were quite different. Initially, I wondered about pan law differences.

This makes signals panned in the centre slightly louder than those panned hard left or right, which can sound a little unnatural. However, since Logic 7 you can choose from three different pan laws: At this point I decided to take a step back and try something more basic.

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By default, this is the Piano Roll nee Matrix editor, but you can change this preference if you like. Because the Inspector can now take on a different role depending on what area has the editing focus, the familiar toolbox where you would select different editing tools has been removed. The Transport bar is now a permanent fixture at the bottom of the Arrange window. The basic point of all these tests is that the mixer sounds identical in Logic 8 when compared to previous versions, and that the differences people are noticing are due to changes in the Channel EQ and other widely used plug—ins, along with the fact that the default pan law for a new project is different. This actually makes a good deal more sense, since your first thought when adding a plug—in is going to be what plug—in you want to add, not worrying about the output configuration. It was only the serial number which dictated whether or not you needed to prove you were upgrading from a previous version or not.

Just to be sure about the panning, I made a second set of bounces with one track panned halfway left and the other panned halfway right, and these also phase—cancelled perfectly. I went back to the high—frequency noise audio and bounced it using the Channel EQ plug—in in both Logic 7 and 8.

Finally, I bounced the Logic 6 demo song again, but this time without any Channel EQ instances, and this time the mixes of the song created in Logic 7 and 8 did indeed phase—cancel correctly. Well, almost. The basic point of all these tests is that the mixer sounds identical in Logic 8 when compared to previous versions, and that the differences people are noticing are due to changes in the Channel EQ and other widely used plug—ins, along with the fact that the default pan law for a new project is different.

When Apple released Soundtrack Pro 2 a couple of months ago, it featured redesigned GUIs for the included former Emagic effects, and there was much speculation that the same designs would be used in the next version of Logic. The pop—up menus that allow you to switch between different plug—ins now have more meaningful titles, and buttons for the next and previous settings commands, along with the copy and paste commands, have been added to save you having to navigate the preset menu to access these functions.

Since most plug—ins often incorporate the name of the effect or instrument into the design of the interface, I wonder why Logic has to add its own naming bar in way that takes up more pixels than is necessary. Logic itself is still compatible with multi—output Audio Units, but the application has become stricter in how it distinguishes whether an Audio Unit has multiple outputs or whether it has a surround output or both. For this reason, most Audio Units plug—ins need to be tweaked for multiple—output versions to be used in Logic 8, although Logic 7 songs that use Audio Units plug—ins with multiple outputs will work perfectly in Logic 8, keeping the multiple outputs intact.

If you have a studio Mac and a laptop, the new ability to share Logic 8 Settings over the Internet or a local network will be very welcome.

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The Bonjour network sharing is very slick indeed. Mac sharing is equally useful, but sometimes needs a nudge to update Settings. Logic Pro 7 introduced Logic Node, which distributed audio processing tasks over a network. This was a powerful idea, but its implementation was disappointingly limited: In addition to Logic Pro 8 and all of the content mentioned in the main text, Logic Studio also includes:.

Originally introduced with Final Cut Studio 2 earlier in the year, this latest version of Soundtrack Pro is aimed at those who need to edit or create a soundtrack for a media project. A new utility for creating your own impulse responses for use with Space Designer.

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Logic 8 looks like it has a few new whiz-bang features too, like Quick Swipe Comping. Swipe over the best portions of each take to create a comp—are you kidding me? By and large, though, it was the simpler things about Logic that make me giddy with anticipation: It might not sound like a big thing, but try traveling and forgetting that stupid little key at home. If you want a little deeper info about the upgrade, Apple has a nice group of videos on the Logic Pro site, as well as a comprehensive PDF detailing the new features.

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You can peel the stickers from here so if there isn't anything there except some blank backing paper you've moved them somewhere else. I've had a OS reinstall, so no imac to fire up, and thought i recalled the serials elswhere in the box. I have all manuals, coupons etc, but cannot find said piece of paper with or without stickers I have original purchase receipts from about 2 years ago as well. Also, next time I'd be as careful with the serial number as you were with the receipts.

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