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Oxford University Press, ELT Dictionaries and Reference Grammar

It has been developed by the same editors from Oxford University Press who created the printed dictionary, working together with Paragon Software, a leading software developer for mobile devices. You can enlarge and explore the illustrations.

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A must-have App because it works even if you are offline, an excellent feature that other dictionaries in the store don't have. The only problem is that the "Search box" disappear in snap view after finding the meaning of a word and you have to go back to search a new word. Please do something to have "Search box" always.

Make this one an universal app to be used in both windows tablets and windows phones. I have known of this famous dictionary since my early school days.

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Download Oxford Advanced Learner's Dict for macOS or later and enjoy it OALD8 app can also re-download OALD8 from the Catalogue of Dictionaries. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary for Mac free download. Get new version of Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary for Mac. Improve your English skills.

So I was really glad it is available in the windows store. I love it and recommend it wholeheartedly. Thank you Oxford for a very affordable first class dictionary!

Great resource when it works. I purchased mine and it now no longer work. It keeps asking me to, purchase or use demo. I paid for the app, why should i be asked to purchase it again? Very disappointing, or more honestly very maddening. I am more than disappointed. I have tried reaching them through their tech support email.

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No one respond to the email. So, before you purchase keep in mind, if you run into issues, you are on your own. Completely crappy customer service. I will update, if the application start working. I don't like giving bad reviews, but I paid for the app and I expect it to work. OALD8 is no doubt the best advanced learner's dictionary in every sense of the word. After using it for a few months, I find the following flaws which keep me wanting to uninstall the app: 1 It is time-consuming and tedious to search a new entry. On this I agree with one of the reviewers. Why not simply place the Search box in a convenient place and let it always stay there no matter which page the user browses?

Vertical scrolling will make it easier to find the definitions, examples, etc. Why not incorporate them into this app? Thesaurus and collocations are very essential to advanced learners! Its major innovations included being the first dictionary whose content was based on the insights into actual English usage provided by the analysis of a huge corpus of written and spoken English, providing a large number of authentic example sentences taken from the corpus, and defining words not with traditional definitions, but with full-sentence descriptions.

Editors' Review

I was convinced that many of my Japanese students' errors were the result of an over-reliance on bilingual dictionaries. In addition, I was well aware of the limitations of traditional, often intuitive dictionary-making methods, and had noticed that, despite their widespread usage, my intermediate students regularly found the language in the definitions of other monolingual learner dictionaries, such as the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary OALD5 , beyond their level Although the new 6th edition OALD is much improved in this regard.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th edition

However, arising from what I felt to be a combination of overly strict adherence to their policy of including only authentic, unaltered example sentences, and possibly from poor example selection, my students continued to encounter occasions where the dictionary did more to confuse them than to aid them, more often than I thought it should, especially given the difficulties I had in getting many of my students to switch to a monolingual dictionary in the first place!

In addition, although it was portable I insist on my students bringing their dictionaries to class , because of its limited size, my students often could not find the words they were looking for e. I really feel that a good dictionary for learners beyond the beginner level should be comprehensive and yet accessible, and do not know why dictionary publishers seem to feel compelled to offer different editions for different levels of learners.

A beginner-level dictionary and a well-constructed one for higher-level learners that they will not outgrow would seem to me to be sufficient. Luckily, by the mids there were some new corpus-based kids on the block and I ended up switching my allegiance to the newly revised edition of The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE3 for several reasons. Second, the definitions in the LDOCE3 were written within a simple word defining vocabulary that was friendly to intermediate students. So when I was asked to evaluate the newest, electronic, edition of the Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners, 3rd edition, I felt it was a good opportunity to see if things had improved since the second edition which, incidentally, continues to be highly prized by my wife and other high-level learners for whom I purchased it.

It was very easy to install on the hard drive of my XP driven PC. Users have the option of only partially installing the program and using it with the CD in the drive. However, fully installing the program allows you to conduct your searches more quickly, and more importantly, frees up your CD drive.

However, if you choose to fully install the program, make sure you have Mb!! It includes three Collins COBUILD publications the 3rd edition of the English Dictionary for Advance Learners, the Guide to English Usage, and the English Grammar as well as a thesaurus, a 5-million word corpus of authentic written and spoken English, and the sound file mostly British pronunciations of tens of thousands of headwords and phrases.

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For some reason, phonetic transcriptions were left out see Review of the Collins for a discussion of this omission. Krishnamurthy, personal communication, March, 10, The fact that the full contents of the CD-ROM can be searched in one go is no doubt its best feature. This feature not only enables you to quickly look up the descriptions and example sentences for a target word, but to simultaneously find other descriptions and example sentences in the dictionary, the 5 million word corpus, and the grammar and usage guides that contain references to the target word.

While finding lots of examples of a word in use is old hat for those of us who use concordancing programs, this CD-ROM is a very learner-friendly package not only because the searches involve nothing but plugging words into the search engine, but also because the examples are always in full-sentence form as opposed to the default "key word in context", or KWIC, display used in concordancing programs.

It would also be nice if, instead of having to search through the entries, the display would automatically jump to the first example containing the search item. However, other search features include a morphological search which allows members of a word family to be included in a single search, and a phonetic search which allows users to search for homophones. But be forewarned, should you wish to copy any of the information off your display, you unfortunately can only copy entire entries, no matter what their length!!

The interface is very simple, fast and easy to use. A nice feature is the way in which a list of compounds synonyms, antonyms, phrasal verbs, affixes, etc. However, although these two screens are linked and change simultaneously, the search entry box and the Entry List in the top left-hand corner of the display operate independently of each other and the main display, and this can lead to confusion. For example, as you continue your search, you can end up with the search term e. Another feature allows the entries to be viewed in "brief", which means no examples, sounds icons, or comments.

This makes the display more like a dictionary for native speakers, although I am not sure why anyone, even native speakers, would prefer this view. Another wonderful learning tool is the "User Dictionary" feature not available on the Mac version. This allows users to enter any words they wish into their own personal study list, group them, and then test their receptive learning to see if they can recall the definitions of the words in their lists.

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Although there also appears to be a way to test your knowledge by providing L1 translations, I could find no explanation within the Help files see below of how to go about doing so. The other troublesome Help feature is that the Back button was usually greyed-out so I had to repeatedly re-initiate my Help searches.

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Table 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. CIDE interface customized search. After considering other options, as a test sample, I decided to select the first five words listed in one of my intermediate students' vocabulary notebooks. Asked 5 years, 11 months ago. Active 3 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 4k times. Saurav Kumar You can use it with Stardict.

Improve your English skills with the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Run sudo apt-get install stardict to install stardict. See this ubuntuforums thread. It seems you need to install libgtk2. Which file is the dictionary file?

What are the contents of directory from which you are trying to install it. List all the files. It is necessary to know the file type!! Logfox Logfox 31 2 2 bronze badges.