Ie browser testing for mac

Test in Internet Explorer

Test your locally hosted or privately hosted pages on real browsers running on real operating systems.

How to test your website with Internet Explorer on a Mac

No need to hop to Windows machine to fulfill your testing needs. While performing cross browser testing on Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers on Mac using LambdaTest, you can debug your bug on the go in real time testing on Internet Explorer browsers with native debugging tool. This can also be done while testing your locally hosted web application across all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. While performing cross browser testing on latest and oldest Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac with LambdaTest, you can also mark your bug directly from LambdaTest to any bug management tool like: You can also test your locally hosted web applications for cross browser compatibility on various IE for Mac.

By connecting LambdaTunnel you can make sure that your web app will perform seamlessly on all Internet Explorer versions across all devices and OSes after getting live. If you face any problem while performing browser compatibility testing or Selenium testing of your website or web application on LambdaTest, we have you covered. You can get in touch with us by filling up the contact form, messaging in-app, or through call.

You can also write to us at support lambdatest. The ability to test the dev pages itself though LambdaTest, really speeds up the release. Nice Tool LambdaTest. Debugging JavaScript becomes incredibly easy with the developer tools.

It is possible to control the execution of the code by inserting breakpoints within inline functions. When it is not clear where to set a breakpoint, simply use the Break On Error function to stop the execution of the code whenever the Microsoft browser encounters an error. The users of the IE developer tools can attain complete control over browser cookies, which is a considerable benefit for web developers. When it comes to the disadvantages of the developer tools, it uses a lot of memory for showing separate processes in different tabs.

While this helps to achieve reasonable isolation from crashes and provides a better view, its use on Macs without sufficient RAM is problematic. Furthermore, sometimes menu options under the Tools tab are greyed out. Occasionally, the menu bar itself is not working, which requires troubleshooting that annoys many users.


The use of plugins allows customizing the browser to a significant extent, thereby enhancing its functionality. Summary The Internet Explorer is often considered good for nothing.

Download for Mac. What you see on your Mac device is a remote view. Nothing happens on your machine — all the real action happens on the server. The entire process of connecting to the cloud-based virtual machine has been extremely simplified by Microsoft.

You can find it in the Mac application store here. To make your life easier, a lot of online cross-browser testing tools are available. These amazing platforms are a real lifesaver. LambdaTest , for instance, lets you perform real-time testing of your webpage or application to make sure that it works well irrespective of the platform being used by the user. If you cannot access a particular browser, like Mac users cannot access IE, tools like LambdaTest come in handy.

Test In Internet Explorer IE6 IE7 IE8 IE9 IE10 IE11 | No VMs | BrowserStack

It provides you with auto-generated full-page screenshots of your web application using the screenshot feature and lets you test the responsiveness of your website across as many as 44 devices! VirtualBox, developed by Oracle, is a free-to-use tool that allows you to run a variety of operating systems. It sets up a virtual environment on your device and supports the applications or programs which are not compatible with the platform as such.

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Download the VirtualBox software along with its extension pack and install the software. You need to immediately close it after running it.

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This will let your system log some necessary information. You can easily find the relevant commands over here. As the file gets downloaded completely, run the virtual machine. Install the updates if any and turn on automatic updates if you want to. The Windows desktop will be presented to you along with the version of Internet Explorer.

Run IE on your Mac. No VMs.

You are all set to work with Internet Explorer on your Mac device now. A trick method used for running Internet Explorer on Mac is by doing a little work with a hidden menu in Safari.

How to Test Internet Explorer on Mac

Follow these steps to use Internet Explorer on your Mac device without virtualization:. In case you need to pretend you are working with Internet Explorer, click on one of the Internet Explorer options. WineBottler is a software that lets you run a lot of Windows-based programs on your Mac device. It does not require you to boot multiple operating systems, nor do you need to spend a large sum on an expensive Windows license.

7 Ways to Test Your Website on Internet Explorer on a Mac Device

Download the software here and install it in the usual way. Internet Explorer is offered by default.

They will give you an option to download it on the page that you see when you run WineBottler for the first time. The latest available version is Internet Explorer 8.